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Educational Bhangra Dance Workshops

Nachda Sansaar have been working in educational establishments for over twenty years now and have worked throughout the UK and abroad. We have experience of working with all key stages in education, engaging all abilities and communities. The workshops are fully interactive and we encourage all pupils and staff to take part in this fun and exciting dance. We are fully aware of the educational demands, including “every child matters”. With this as an integral part of our delivery, we promote dance as a healthy and active way of keeping fit and having fun at the same time. The workshops are delivered to a high level of professionalism and quality. We can advise on the set up of the day(s) and help with the timetabling of classes. We aim to leave the school with both pupils and staff satisfied with the delivery and standard of our work.


The deliveries of the workshops are structured to suit the needs of the school and pupils. We are flexible and understanding in our approach and can offer a range of things that give the pupils a taste of Indian culture and tradition:

  • Workshops as taster sessions, which can be between 30 minutes to an hour and half, depending the age of the pupils.
  • Assemblies to introduce the dance and style to the school. This can last from 15 minutes to an hour.
  • The opportunity for students to share their dances to the rest of the school as well as parents at the end of the day(s).
  • Delivery of workshops as a residency and visiting the school over a number of weeks to prepare a performance or as part of a larger project, maybe working after school or during lunch times.

We will work with you for the best outcome to suit the school, pupils and parents.

Nachda Sansaar