Nachda Sansaar Traditional Bhangra Dancers Nachda Sansaar
The Story So Far

Established in 1984, Nachda Sansaar are a Birmingham based Bhangra Dance Group who came together when the founder members were still at school. All the founder members of Nachda Sansaar were born and bred in the UK and therefore a western style of influence featured highly in our original freestyle routines. This style of dance was something never seen before in the UK or abroad and put Nachda Sansaar at the forefront of our art.

In 1989 the group felt the need to go back to their roots. We acquired the help and guidance of one of the countries most well respected Punjabi folk music and dance artists, King G. Mall.

King G. Mall had coached and managed some of the top traditional Bhangra Dance groups in the country and with his
experience and coaching skills he made Nachda Sansaar one of the most high profile Bhangra Groups in the UK,
which led to us winning an International Bhangra Dance competition
held in Chicago USA for two consecutive years.

Over the years Nachda Sansaar have taken the message of Bhangra
to a variety of communities and cultures across the UK and abroad.

The groups mantra “Music and Dance is a universal language that
breaks down many barriers and unites communities” has always
been at the forefront of everything that we have done.

Nachda Sansaar have also had the pleasure of representing
our culture and the UK at many prestigious events including
The Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games,
The interval act in the Eurovision Song Contest as well
as numerous television programmes.

Our efforts have also been rewarded with
numerous awards in the UK and abroad.

We hope that in the future we may
continue to entertain and please
the crowds who have continually
supported us.