Nachda Sansaar Traditional Bhangra Dancers Nachda Sansaar
Nachda Sansaar Juniors

Nachda Sansaar Juniors started as a small club over 12 years ago. It all started when a BBC children’s programme wanted to see children taking part in an out of school opportunity that served the local community. We felt that a Bhangra dance class would be ideal and invited a few children to take part. This initial trial worked well and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part. This is when the Junior team started.

From this early point we started holding regular classes for anyone who wanted to have a go. This led to performances at local schools, charity shows, fêtes, family functions and many other events.

Some of the junior team members went on to join and perform with the senior Nachda Sansaar team and continue to be an integral part in the team. Nachda Sansaar junior classes have gone from strength to strength, with many performances across the community and beyond.

The junior team would never have worked without the continued support of the Nachda Sansaar senior team with the guidance, teaching, choreography and the time they gave up. Also, not forgetting the tremendous support of the parents who bring the children to the rehearsals and performances. We would not have achieved anything without them.

The junior team are working hard and the future looks bright as we have over 50 children who come along to the classes as part of the Sansaar family.