Nachda Sansaar Traditional Bhangra Dancers Nachda Sansaar

Dhol Sansaar

As an organisation we would like to provide our students with a strong foundation for musical understanding and offer a wide range of benefits to many areas of development. It has been proven through many studies that rhythmic awareness helps to enhance individual development.

Our lessons will be structured in accordance with the national curriculum, where our students will
learn through both theory and practical teaching styles. We will use several
progressive learning techniques and our students will be monitored
and evaluated each term to record their progress.

Regardless of academic achievements or social background, we will aim to ENGAGE
and teach in a warm, friendly environment. Our instructors’ experience enables
them to adapt to individual needs and ensure that each student realises
their potential. Being part of a team can be an empowering experience,
providing a valuable boost for quieter students and an outlet for
the more exuberant.

We offer a valuable and expert insight into history
& origins of the Dhol, we would love for you
to be a part of our team.