Nachda Sansaar Traditional Bhangra Dancers Nachda Sansaar

Nachda Sansaar School of Bhangra

The Nachda Sansaar School of Bhangra was established to promote
and teach the folk art of bhangra. It's for anyone who wants to discover
for themselves the true art of Bhangra! With each class you will learn
a mix of traditional and freestyle moves, creating new innovative
routines to popular Bhangra tracks! The class is so popular,
and such great fun, that a few of the guys have moved on up
into one of the senior "Sansaar" teams!

This is your chance to learn a popular and passionate dance!
Impress your friends and family at weddings with your new moves,
and remember a music video is never too far away...

Keep Fit Classes

Everybody enjoys a bit of a dance, and what better way of getting
into shape! Keep Fit Punjabi style with these high energy, high
tempo bhangra aerobic classes. It's a workout class using bhangra
movements (and of course that world famous Bhangra beat!)
designed for those who want to get fit, shed a bit of weight, or to
have a bit of fun!

Keep Fit and the School of Bhangra are open to anyone, of all abilities
and ages! Come along, learn the traditional folk art, and have fun!