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Garcharan Mall // Nachda Sansaar25th Anniversary
25th September 2009

On an autumn evening in England’s second city at the appropriately named Second City suite, we, Nachda Sansaar, marked our 25th Anniversary.

It was a momentous occasion to mark the 25th anniversary of something that started off as a stage show for a school assembly in 1984. Nobody ever imagined what that assembly and the group of guys that took part in that assembly had started. There are many clichés that fit, including “it takes the tiniest spark to light the biggest fires” or “from small Acorns grow mighty Oak trees”.

To mark the event that was special and significant not only to Nachda Sansaar but to the whole Bhangra scene, we held an exclusive party.

A party that was for the group’s immediate family and what a big and loving family it is. The Nachda Sansaar family is made up of all the members past and present. It includes all the people that have worked with and helped make Nachda Sansaar what we are today and we hope will continue to help, support and work to keep Nachda Sansaar going for the next 25 years and more.

It was a coming together to remember and celebrate the past 25 years. To thank every member and their families for all
they do and the time they sacrifice to allow the team to create memories for the crowd we entertain.
A chance for families to come together and get to know each other, a chance to strengthen
the bond that keeps us together. It was an evening to see old members, to remember
members that have left the stage of this life and to see the future with the
Nachda Sansaar Juniors and Giddha Sansaar becoming extensions of
Nachda Sansaar and the development of the Sansaar Family.

A night when Nachda Sansaar were joined by the great and the good
of the bhangra industry with names such as Shin DCS, Sardara Gill,
King G Mall, the late Dev Raj Jassal, Nachdey Hasdey, Jugnu,
4x4 bhangra and Gabhru Panjab De.

It was truly a wonderful and special night, a night that will not be
forgotten by all who were there to celebrate with us.